RF Fabrications is a Chester based motorsport fabrication company owned and ran by experienced welder and fabricator Russ Fellows, who has over 25 years experience in welding and fabrication of bespoke automotive components

With a strong background in motorsport, Russ has been involved with thousands of performance sports and race car projects, where his ability to produce truly exceptional pieces of exhaust and manifold components, has clearly been highly sought. Russ has spent many years directly supplying and working with motorsport teams and tuning houses, in fabrication tasks. Over the past 10 years, Russ has designed and produced a wide range of extremely high quality handbuilt exhaust system components for popular applications in medium scale production runs, which have often been re-branded by many of the UK's top performance tuner garages and motorsport teams.

Russ has also been directly involved with manufacturers of performance road cars, aiding them with new development of exhaust system components. 2012 sees the launch of RussFellowsFabrications.co.uk, a site designed to showcase and advertise Russ' range of handbuilt exhaust components. Thank you for visiting.